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“I want to give you a present,” said the moon to her best friend the night.
 “Playful and experimental bedsheets—designed by wonderful artists from all around the world—printed on high quality, 100% cotton in limited edition … That is what I’m craving,” the night replied… “Then check this out!” said the moon.
 This is how the night and the moon and all the little stars came to wrap themselves in these fantastic bedsheets, sleeping soundly through the long hours of the day.

nights+friends is an artist run company based in Vienna. Our passion is collaborating with artists to create the most comfortable, exciting bedsheets. Printing artworks on bedsheets offers you a new, sexy and intimate way of perceiving art.
 Another good thing about nights+friends is that the artists are incorporated into the company’s profits. That means they earn with every set of bedsheets sold. Each artwork is printed in a limited edition of 100.

Let the adventure begin, it will never be boring in bed again!