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“I want to give you a present,” said the moon to her best friend the night.
 “Playful and experimental bedsheets—designed by wonderful artists from all around the world—printed on high quality, 100% cotton in limited edition … That is what I’m craving,” the night replied… “Then check this out!” said the moon.
 This is how the night and the moon and all the little stars came to wrap themselves in these fantastic bedsheets, sleeping soundly through the long hours of the day.


At nights+friends we have a love of sleep and passion for art. Looking around we couldn’t find anything that happily married the two together and hence nights and friends was born.
 We started our journey 2 years ago, beginning with a few handmade designs on hand-sewn sheets. Now, in collaboration with our partners in China, Italy and Germany we are producing in slightly larger quantities of 103 pieces per design.


We believe that art should be accessible, experimental and playful. Provoking a small, sexy revolution, we want to bring art out of the galleries and into bed with you. We want to seduce you with art in new and intimate way.
 What makes this project so special is how unique it is! Working in limited editions allows us to take risks and be experimental, producing what we find exciting rather than what will be sellable to mass audiences.
 At nights and friends our designs and collections are ever changing. So with this we keep things fresh and ensure that things will never be boring in bed again.


At the moment we are mostly working with artists from our own networks. These networks are international as the founders of nights and friends have lived and studied in Nice, Vienna, Gothenburg and Sydney. We look for artists whose work fits the project conceptually or who are able to create something new and exciting with bedsheets. Looking through our handpicked designs you can quickly see for yourself that the artists we work with have diverse styles and approaches to the bedsheets. This is what makes nights and friends so exciting!
 We are always looking for ways to get in contact with artists who are interested in the project and who want to work with us. We hope to grow our nights and friends family, keeping the project exciting with more diverse designs coming out.


At nights and friends the artists we collaborate with are involved throughout the entire process and are embedded in our business model and sales structure. They become an intimate part of the nights and friends family. This is non-negotiable for us as we feel passionately fair pay in an industry where emerging artists often struggle to make ends meet. Thus, supporting nights and friends is supporting emerging artists!


We work closely with our produces to ensure that our besheets are of the highest quality. Both the quality of the material and of the printing is of an exceptional standard. All the sheets are printed on 100% cotton. They are well made, durable and easy to wash.